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This is the articles page where I will compile things that I write about and other writings that don't have a home.

Osama Bin Laden's Makeover 09/10/2007

You have to see his new look. He had a nose job, his beard is dyed and nicely trim and he hasn't aged a bit.

Where's Osama? 08/28/2007

Where is Osama is the big question everyone is asking. See if you can find him on this map.

Jim Cramer Market Meltdown 08/15/2007

Jim Cramer tells how it is. Watch this video and listen to how truthful he is about the market.

Bush Wants You Out of Your House 08/13/2007

7 million people will lose their homes because of George Bush.

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Kane Alexander Fake Name & Scammer 
Have you come across a guy calling himself Kane Alexander or Kane Alexander Morhaus? This person may be trying to scam you out of pictures, money, your …

Congressional Control Puts Your Child in Danger 
Many Americans trust their government to protect. Largely, the American citizens don't. Is that a surprise? The power over the people into the hands …

Aaron Russo Passed Away 8/24/07 4:20AM 
Aaron Russo lit a fire in me when I watched his documentary, "America, Freedom to Fascism". I already knew about the IRS and that it was not …

With The Greatest Of Respect and on behalf of The Scottish Spiritual Society, Children Of The Natural World. Occult symbolism has various purposes …

Anthony Mitchell AP Reporter for Africa Assassinated Not rated yet
May 4, 2007, A Kenyan Airline plane crashed carrying 114 people in Cameroon. Many news sites reported on this event except that they didn't give the details. …

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