Jim Cramer Market Meltdown

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This is must see video of Jim Cramer Market Meltdown.  He really lays it out like it is.  Want to hear a smoke screen in action?  Listen carefully to what he has to say.  He says he gets calls from people all the time saying, are you going to be on our side today and tell everyone that everything is ok?

What you didn't want to believe about your government and news agencies, you now have to believe.

The bad thing is that Cramer doesn't know that the FED wants to wipe out the middle class.  The FED wants to collapse the economy because they want to bring about the NAU, North American Union, and the new currency along with it.

It is a plot.  Just like the plot to take the gas to $7 a gallon.  That is what Lindsey Williams says.

Make sure you listen to this girl talk.  Cramer is an expert on financial matters and has worked within the financial industry for a long time.  This girl tries to tell Cramer the way it is.  These Journalist, whatever you want to call them, are actors.  They are worthless.

Thank you Cramer for speaking the truth and your mind!

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