Lindsey Williams Non Energy Crisis

Lindsey Williams says there is enough oil in Alaska to supply the US for the next 200 years. I have heard that the government will not allow Alaska to supply the oil for the US even though they are begging for the work. It will bring so much money to the US and alaska.

Update, Must see right away. July 28th update from Lindsey Williams. His life was threatened and he is now withdrawing much of his information.

He is giving some of his latest updates of information he found out.


Energy & Water Crisis Solved Joseph Newman solved the energy and water crisis. Watch this video now.

This is Lindsey William's talk about his book, The Energy Non-Crisis(read it online free). He says that Alaska has the largest oil pool in the world. We could be supplying the world's oil.

He says that the powers that be tell the Arabs what they are going to charge for a barrell of oil. We are made to think they are robbing us!

He also discusses the issues relating to Iran and Iraq. Why did we go after Saddam when Russia did worse things then Iraq? Why are we going after Iran? You will find out after watching these videos.

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