FairTax - Another Scam

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The FairTax Plan is just propaganda to make you subject yourself to the federal government. Their thing is that they are going to do away with the IRS by instituting this.

I read the actual Bill and its just more BS. I did a full audio series on the FairTax exposing it. The people at the FairTax foundation are Elite wealthy people. Do you think they really want to help the everyday person?

Not at all.

The founder used to work for the Federal Reserve. Just think about that.

Sad thing is that people just believe the indoctrination that is spread about without ever doing the research. This is no exception.

I met a lady in Missouri running for US Senate. She said she is going to replace the people that pass bills and don't read them. So I said, I see you are the FairTax. She said yes. I asked her, did you read the Bill? She said, you mean the book? I have it and will read it. I said to her, no, not the book, the bill. She said, no I haven't. Then I said to her face, you are no different than the people you say you want to replace.

Have you seen their logo? Its an Illuminati symbol.

You see the star that is rising? They want you to believe it is the "stars" and "stripes" to be patriotic it but that is far from the truth.

If you check out Bill Coopers Mystery Babylon series, you will learn all about the Illuminati and their symbolism like the star.

Also, the Ribbon or trail of the star is a snake with the snake head where the star is and its face is pointing to the X.

The snake is another Illuminati symbol.

You better believe they have control of the FairTax Plan as they do the IRS. So its the same people, and the same system. I bet when the income tax was put on people, they thought it was fair and look what it has turned into.

Remember this. When the Income tax started, it wasn't viewed as such a bad thing and that is why it was allowed to happen by everyone. But once they have full control and submission, they change and do what they want.

Its part of the Hegelian dialect. Thesis + antithesis = synthesis aka Order out of chaos. You see, they provide a situation, a problem, then a solution that gains control.

This kind of 1 tax system will be easily forged into a 1 world tax where global citizens all pay a tax together.

I found this little flyer that the FairTax Group put out and that is the reason why I am writing this.

Here is the deception from the FairTax Organization.

On the Flyer, there is a table and I can't find it online so I am typing it here, it says:

The Prebate
makes the FairTax progessive To Ensure no American (lawful U.S. resident with a valid Social Security number, including legal immigrants) pays tax on necessities....

That is where the problem starts. What does an American have to do with a "lawful U.S. resident"? Did you ever stop to ask that question?

You see, this is a legal term. "U.S. residents", "U.S. Individuals", "U.S. persons", and "U.S. citizens" are the ones how would be required to pay income taxes, if anyone was required. No one is required since there is not a liability statute in Title 26 A. No liability in federal statutes, then they can force anyone to be liable.

Before explaining what they are, let me give you this analogy.

They say an American is a lawful "U.S. resident"..... Is that true?

That is like saying this, To ensure that no Ford (lawful vehicle driven on the roadway)......

Now ask your self this, is every Ford a lawful vehicle driven on the roadway? No. Not all Fords are drivable, and not all Fords driven are lawful (per state requirements).

But what does this tell you? It tells you that it is speaking of a specific Ford, only the ones that are lawfully driven on the roadway. By exclusion, all others are excluded. That's the way the law works and if you don't know that, well, that's why you have to pay taxes.

What are "U.S residents" ("citizens", "persons", "individuals")?

This is where the research comes and you see the game being played. You are made to believe that you are a "U.S. resident" ("citizen", "person", "individual").

What is the U.S.?

The U.S. used in the IRS code is the territories controlled by the Federal Government. They include Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and any others that the Federal Government has control over.

There are 2 or 3 types of U.S. but I'm not going to get into all of them since we are only talking about the IRS code. That only refers to the territories which the Federal Government has control over.

So, if you reside in these territories then you are a "U.S. resident" (there are some within the territories that are not "residents", this person is a "foreign individual"). Which means you are "within the U.S.".

If you are a citizen of a State like Kansas, you are "without the U.S." (outside) and a foreign individual to (without) the "U.S.".

Each state is set up like its own country, its own republic.

If you were born in one of the 50 States and have always lived in the State, and not an Officer of a Federal Corporation and don't work for the military, most likely, you are not a "U.S. resident" ("citizen", "person", "individual").

That means the Federal income taxes are not lawfully enforced upon you but there is another problem.

I hope that so far you are seeing how the FairTax group is scamming you by thinking they are being fair.

Declaration of "U.S. Individual" Status

When you are born, you are signed up with the Social Security Administration and with a SS card which has a number on it. You are now on your way to declaring yourself as a "U.S. Individual".

When you start working, you fill out a W-4. A w-4 is only for a "U.S. resident" ("citizen", "person", "individual"). Don't believe me, look at it for yourself.

So you have now just declared yourself to be under the jurisdiction of the Federal government and that they can now tax you.

You then file a 1040 "U.S. Individual" Tax form. So you are confirming every year that yes, I am a "U.S. resident" ("citizen", "person", "individual").

By the way, these people will be forced to take the Real ID and not State Citizens. Don't believe, read the ACT and see the definition of the U.S.

So, if the IRS wants to audit you, they have the right to. If you fill out a 1040 that says 0 because they don't have a right to tax you, well, they got you trapped.

You told them they can tax you and that they have a right to. So now, you are being rebellious.

Do you see the problem?

They are right based upon what you declared. You employer confirms the declaration you made with your w-4 by taking out taxes and reporting it and then sending you a w-2.

This is why the fairtax is a scam.

They want you to continue to declare that you are a "U.S. resident" ("citizen", "person", "individual"). So that they always have control over you and they dictate whatever they want to you.

This is the reason why so many people get locked up or killed when going up against the IRS. They declare that they owe the IRS tax money then turn around on the 1040 and say "sike" by claiming 0.

The IRS says, "ok" "SIKE".

If you believed in the FairtTax before, you should now understand the scam and how the FairTax is just furthering the Federal governments control.

This doesn't mean that later on they wont bring a group like the IRS back just because the FairTax was put in place.

The FairTax is unfair and no rescue plan.

Here are some helpful links to further your education and support.

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