Smoke Screen Design Uncovered

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This website uncovers the smoke screen design that is used by governments and the news media. I will cover topics like, the fake Energy Crisis, the 9-11 terrorist attacks, Globalization, and others.

The goal of the smoke screen is to leave us in the dark of what is really happening. They love to put things on the news that entertain us.

How about what is happening with latest actor/actress today?

We find out about every detail of their life while nothing about what is happening to our country or the world.

To see the perfect example of this, watch "Wag The Dog".

There are plenty of things that are used.

Sadly, there are others that you may be following who are part of this deception. They are all over the alternative news media and patriot movement.

They seem like they are legitimate because of the things they share.

This doesn't matter.

The elite have been exposing themselves for a long time. They know people wont believe it.

So you are probably being deceived by those that you think are telling you the truth.

Israel and Iran are used as smoke screens all the time.

They plaster news from that country in the news so people will focus on what is happening there and they will direct their anger towards them while the US government is doing whatever they want.

It also is used to increase the price of commodities like oil, gas, and food.

It is time to do something about it. We have to see what is happening. We have to stop the smoke screen design.

There is a great quote from Street Fighter II the movie, "If good men do nothing, that is evil enough."

Lets not be evil and lets bring change to our country and this world.

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