World Globalization

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I learned about the problem of globalization and was shocked.  I just couldn't believe what I was hearing.  It was to far from reality for me and I thought it was made up.  My friend that was sharing these things with me use to work in intelligence and wrote reports that went directly to the President.

One would think that someone like this person would know something.  It took me watching videos, reading the non-energy crisis by Lindsey Williams  and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins to really open my eyes.

My life has been disrupted after I learned about the things that these men have taught.  I can't look at the news the same way that I use to.  Things stick out to me now.

One example is the propaganda in the news about Hugo Chavez.

The CIA tried put him out of power and he was back in within 24 hours.  He knows that it was our government that did this.  This is why he is Anti-Bush. 

Our government will try it again and that is why there is so much propaganda against him in the media.  They have to build up a false case against Hugo Chavez so that eventually the American People will ok a war with him.

If the system of our government doesn't change, we will have a war with Iran and with Venezuala.  It is the continued process of globalization.  Do it our way or we will make sure someone else does.

People are complaining about gas prices and wondering why it is so high.  They are thinking that it is the energy crisis that is causing the high gas prices.  I know that it is globalization that is causing the problem with the corporations behind it.

The corporations are seeking to make the rich, very rich, and everyone else, very poor.  This globalization is making the middle class dissappear.  Our country will be a socialist company soon if we continue this way.

We have to stop this globalization to save us and our friends in other countries.

This video breaks down globalism.  I have to say that the first 5 minutes (1st video) is very graphic.  You may not be able to handle what you see.  The main video starts around 5-6 minutes.  You will learn about the school system and programs like TeenScreen, a destructive program meant to harm our children.  The no child left behind is all about dumbing down our young people so that leaders can take over the government to run it how they want.

By the way, they are already doing this and have been doing it for a long time.

One Nation Under Siege by William Lewis

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