Did Jordan Maxwell Expose Religion?

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In this video, Jordan Maxwell talks like he is telling you this secret stuff exposing religion. Some things he talks about is true and others, just wrong. See my notes about his talk on exposing religion and the illuminati.

Sorry, the video was removed.

Solomon & Temple

Jordan Maxwell has a play on words. Example, the word temple and solomon. He says that there is no King solomon and goes on to break out sol om on. The problem is that both temple and solomon are not the original words. It would be Shlomo, not solomon and I think Hamikdash and not temple. I can't remember if that is exactly the word or not.

Christ, Christos, Crestes

He also talks about the word christ. He said christ means oil. That is not true. The word used was crestes. Crestes is greek for ointment, or rubbing oil into your skin. There was no word for Moshiach (messiah) in greek, so they made up a word to try to explain what they were saying. The Jews that used the greek version of the Bible knew that christos meant messiah. It has the implied meaning. They used christos from crestes. Christos is a made up word for messiah.

In just these few examples, that shows that Jordan does not know what he is talking about. He keeps playing on English words without taking it back to the original and finding out what the original word and meaning is.

God, Dog

How about the one where he says the ark of the dog and that the hebrew ark was the ark of god, just the reverse words, dog, god. Again, the english word god was never used. god is not a greek or hebrew word and wouldn't have existed (because English wouldn't have). Another play on english words.

Sinai, Volcano?

He shows pictures of Sinai asking, does that look like a volcano? Seriously? these aren't photographs of what it looked like. No one knows what it looked like.

Manna, Mushroom?

He reads from the Bible that manna is on the ground for people to eat. He says, manna means what is it in Hebrew. Actually, it is man in hebrew, not manna. He then shows a small round thing is a mushroom. There is not proof that it is a mushroom. Remember, this is in the desert where this story takes place and it may not have mushrooms there.

High Priest

He mentions the "high priest" jokingly insinuating that the high priest was eating intoxicating mushrooms. The priest is actually called, Cohen Hagadol or the great cohen, or the great priest. Also, not all mushrooms are intoxicating, if that is something they ate.

Anointing oil with semen

He also mentions anointing oil having semen in it. The bible gives a prescription how to make the oil and semen is not one of the ingredients.

Exodus 30:22-25

22Moreover the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

23Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty shekels,

24And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin:

25And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil.

As you see, there is no semen prescribed in the anointing oil.


He mentions synagogue. Synagogue is a greek word for a group. Jews call the synagogue, shul. My guess is that they say synagogue because of either the bible in English's influence or because that is what they may have been called while they were in the roman empire.

You can easily interchange synagogue with anything else. Like, church, ecclesia, synagogue, knesset, assembly, group. All these words mean exactly the same thing. People have put the religious and political labels to them. He is making something up with the word association that really doesn't apply.

Pope Head dress, Fish symbol

The popes head dress does go back to the fish god but the christian symbol <>< does not. There is a play on letters that actually spells out fish and I can't remember what it is. It has no reference to pagan gods.

There are a lot of pagan things in Rome and in the Catholic church. This is easy to understand once you understand what happened early on in Church history after they split from Judaism. Early on, non Jews attended synagogue and the temple in Jerusalem. They did not have their own non Jewish gatherings like today.


He talks about "Passover". It actually is Pesach in hebrew. There is no connection between this pagan Passover and Pesach. Pesach has to do with G-d delivering his people from Egypt. G-d told them that night he would bring judgement on Egypt and if they were obedient, it wouldn't come on them. It didn't. It is said, G-d passed over them. You can study about it in Exodus.


He talks about astrology not being evil. There is truth to this. It isn't evil but pagans have taken astrology over. That is a G-d astrology and a pagan astrology.

Palestine, Israel

Palestine did not exist until Emporer Hadrian named it Palestinia in 135 AD. So, Jordan Maxwell is wrong again. Palestinia is a derivitive of Israel's enemies, the Philistines. You should remember them from the story of David and Goliath.

Israel in hebrew sounds like Yisrael. That is how it should be correctly translated. So, saying that it comes from the word Isis is incorrect. Shows you once again, that Jordan is wrong.

Jerusalem, the Holy City

Yerushalai'im is a Holy City because that is where G-d dwelt in the Garden, in the temple and said in Zion is where his Name is. Zion is in Jerusalem. Jesus (Should be Yeshua or Joshua) dwelt in Jerusalem. I would say that he was Holy and live there.

King's annointing, Sexual symbol

He talks about a King being annointed as a sexual symbol of a penis being lubricated for sex. The Bible does not say this is why someone is being annointed. I will read the Bible to get details about what it says.

Jordan Maxwell, Illuminati or New Ager

I seriously doubt that Jordan has read the whole Bible. He downplays organized religion but is heavy into new age and Eastern religions. You can tell by the way he talks. Either that or he is part of the illuminati. I say this because he keeps saying that he is enlightened and trying to show others the light. Sounds like it could be illuminati to me.

The House of Men Carrying Water

He talks about scripture where Jesus said, go to the house where you see a man carrying a water picture. Jordan says this is the representation of the house of Aquarius. That is not the case. During the time of Jesus, men didn't carry water, women did. Only in 1 place in Yisrael did men carry water. It was where the essenes lived. They didn't have women, it was all men, so they had to carry their own water. This is the group that Yochanan (John the Baptist) lived with. That is why they knew what he was talking about.

What Jordan is doing is taking information he has learned about and read it back into scripture instead of studying culture and history of that time. You cant really understand what is going on in the Bible without it. That is why he has all these weird ideas about what is or isn't going on.

Blow the Shofar

Jordan says that they Jews blow the rams horn because of the age of aries, the ram. This is not the case. The Bible told them at certain times to blow the shofar.

Jordan's Reformed Rabbi

He talks about a Rabbi that he had a discussion with about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He said that this Rabbi says that they may not be real. To me, this sounds like a Reformed Rabbi. Many reformed believe that these are stories and not real.

They don't believe in a real Messiah but a Messianic age. Many Jews don't consider the reformed to be Jews because of their way of observing. It is the least amount of things to do and still be. They accept anything, everything and anyone, if you get my drift. Orthodox and conservative Jews believe there is a real Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Abram, Father Ram?

He talks about Abram. He said there is Av and Ram. Av for father and Ram for Ram. Ram in hebrew is not Ram. That is English. I think ram in hebrew is ayil. So he takes a hebrew word Av and says it means father and a hebrew word Ram and says it is the English word for Ram and then relates it back to a pagan god. Can you see why you can't follow much of what he is saying about religion?

William Cooper and Jordan Maxwell Interview

William Cooper did an interview with Jordan Maxwell and you must listen to this interview. William Cooper was the only person that I know of to really expose what is going.

***Video was removed online***

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