Is Barack Obama Muslim?

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A long time ago I wrote this page and now looking back I think I was wrong.  I was younger and just didn't know.  I do believe Barack is a Muslim especially when he bows to a Saudi prince.  When I get the time I will have to redo this page.

Is Barack Obama Muslim?  He has said that he isn't and he goes to a church, so what is really going on here?  Is Obama a Muslim or a Christian or what?

Personally, I never believed that he is a Muslim and hiding it.  Ask yourself this.  What Muslim hides the fact that he is Muslim?  I don't know of any. 

I have a hard time believing that Barack Obama is a Muslim but hiding it from everyone and a few people have uncovered the truth and is spreading it around. 

It would be better if he was just a Muslim.  He is illuminati.  So, when a person is illuminati, it doesn't matter what religion you are because in the end, you serve Lucifer.

Someone said he is a Prince Hall Freemason.  I don't know the validity to this and not even sure if it is verifiable. 

Just know that just because some Muslim guy is on youtube say, Barack Obama is a Muslim just like me, doesn't make him a Muslim.  These people are either saying this as part of propaganda that is spread around or because Muslims believe once a Muslim, always a Muslim.

Anyway, check out these 2 videos about Barack Obama and some of the future events coming.  Wars that will be started with Russia and China.

When listening, don't forget that there are Chinese on US soil and fully armed.  Eric Jon Phelps says that the US will start a war that will allow the Chinese & Muslims to start attack the population of the US.  So this could be what will happen.

Part 1

Part 2


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