NAFTA Super Highway

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There is a NAFTA Super Highway in progress. It is not a matter of will it happen, but when. It has already begun in Texas. It is part of the globalization plan to make the rich richer, and the middle class poor like everyone else.

Truck drivers will lose their jobs to low paying Mexican drivers that may not be licensed or insured. The Mexican government will have ownership of property in our country. For example, they will own a customs building here in Kansas City.

This highway was stopped by some people in Texas, so I'm not exactly sure where it is at today. So this thing can be fought if you are willing to do the work.

I was sharing about this with my friend the other day and he never heard about this highway. So learn as much as you can about it and let me know if you find out any updates on the progress.

nafta super highway inland ports

I had a video, where Norman Mineta talks about the progress that needs to be made for the transportation situation to continue global prosperity. The video was removed so I will have to search for some updates.

I live in the Kansas City area and they have plans to build an inland port not far from me. This inland port is a Mexican customs building owned and ran by the Mexican government. This Kansas City inland port is suppose to be the central port and customs building. It is in the center of the country which falls in the middle of this new highway system.

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