Kansas City Nafta Super Highway

I came across a website that showed where the Kansas City Nafta Super Highway and the Mexican customs inland port will be located. They want to take this super highway to kansas city and up to Canada.

I looked at it and saw that it will not be far from where I live. This highway is suppose to be parallel to I-35, on the east side. I live right next to I-35 and it is going to be built on my side that I live on.

Great deal, I lose my home over this.

It will take over where a lot of homes and businesses are located right now. I don't like the Idea of this highway system. I don't want corrupt Mexican government workers and officials living in my area. I don't want these unsafe trucks and drivers on our roads. Especially since this super highway to kansas city will run from Mexico, through Texas, up to Canada. That is to many miles for a corrupt govenment to have more power over.

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I don't want our truck drivers and longshoremen loosing their jobs. These two groups of people make up a part of our middle class. This is a huge attack on our freedom and our middle class. I don't care how they make it sound, it is disasterous for our country.

I have a few photos of satellite views of the location of this new building. Just so you can see where it will be located. This location is east of where the Kansas City Nafta Super Highway will be located. I don't have the exact place where it will be but it will be east of I-35 and monsterous.

I pulled the information from http://nascocorridor.com/naipn/pages/kc_projects.html - North American Inland Ports Network (they pulled down /naipn, so I removed it as a link. You can still visit the main site). On this page, they said Kansas Citians are thrilled about this inland port. Funny, I am not thrilled about it and everyone I talk to have no clue that this is even taking place. Oh righ, the government officials are thrilled about it.

This Mexican Customs Inland port will be located at 1447 Liberty St, Kansas Cit, MO 64102. In this first image, you will see it outlined in yellow. The highway marked in red is I-670. In this first picture, you can't see it, but off to the right is the intersection of I-670 and I-35.

You will see this in the other pictures. To the right of the building there are train tracks. There are also train tracks in the top left section of the picture.

Nafta Superhighway Kansas City Diagram

In the next two pictures, look for the green arrow in the middle left. This is the location of the Kansas City Nafta Super Highway Mexico customs Inland port building.

Nafta Superhighway Kansas City

Nafta Superhighway Kansas City

In this last picture, I moved it off to the right. So the building is not showing in this picture.

Nafta Superhighway Kansas City North

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