Leo Zagami - Working for the CIA

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Leo Zagami is an infiltrator and not a defector of the illuminati. He is fulfilling his ego while to parade around pretending to be something he isn't.

I have been telling people not to trust Leo ever since I first heard about him. I could easily see he was a liar from watching his videos.

June 18, 2009 I found this comment on Phil's youtube video for Leo. Phil was a huge follower of Leo and recorded calls with him all the time and posted them on the internet.

Here is his comment.

grinreaperdutchphil (1 week ago) "He said he used to be SMOM but later rejected his membership. He claims to be a grandmaster of a brand of Illuminati called Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis."

"He is also a CIA disinformation agent. When I found this out I cut ties with him´╗┐ completely. I have no business working for the CIA, thank you very much."

Leo Lyon Zagami - Special Message Must Read

Leo Lyon Zagami is not someone that can be trusted. For whatever reason, he is a complete moron. Don't believe me. Watch this one clip I took from some 2 hours of a conversation with Phil.

Leo Lyon Zagami: "US needs the North American Union Superhighway"

I found some additional information about Leo from videos that were posted but they have been since removed.

1. Leo Lyon Zagami Thinks he is Jesus, The messiah that the jews have accepted

2. Another where Leo is not in the hospital but still thinks he is the messiah.

Leo Zagami Exposed by Greg Szymanski and Slats Grobnick

Slats Grobnick contacted Greg Szymanski to tell him about Leo Zagami. It took a little slapping around to get it into Greg's head, but he got it. In this video, Greg talks about Slats and what has been happening in his life.

By the way, Greg Szmanski is a piece of shit and I believe this Slats to be a fake (actor) that Greg created. Don't trust or support Greg. I'm only leaving these here because they were part of the collection of information I was gathering at the time I was researching Leo.

Greg Szymanski & Slats Grobnik expose Leo Lyon Zagami

Greg Szymanski answered the question that people keep sending him. Is Slats for real? He also discusses how Jesuits are working their tricks on people like himself. He talks about the Vatican agent that infiltrated his show, Leo Zagami.

He tells how to check to see if someone is a Jesuit Co-adjutor

He mentions a few of the Vatican's agents: Leo Zagami, Alex Jones, Alan Watt, Tex Mars, David Icke, and Leonard Horowitz.

Leo Lyon Zagami Admits Demonic Possession but Fights Satanists

He is trying to appeal to Christians by saying things like God helped him get out of the illuminati and that he is fighting the satanists. He describes in this video what a satanist is. He then goes on to say that he does the very thing satanist do. Can you be a satanist and be fighting them?

I say no.

Vatican starts underground war in USA using the Illuminati

If you still have your doubts about Leo being involved with the vatican, then watch this next one by Forerunner. Watch it all the way up till the end. It is about 10 minutes. long. This video was also removed. Forerunner, another bullshitter out there probably wanted to erase any ties he had to Leo. LoL

Project Camelot: Leo Lyon Zagami is working for the CIA

Leo was interviewed in February 2008 by Project Camelot. He told all kinds of things and personally, I think he opened his mouth and exposed himself in their interview. They also didn't dig deeper into the more important issues.

Since their interview, they have made a statement saying that they can't support what he is saying and doing. They also said that he told them that he is forced to work with the CIA. Well, as I have said, I believe he has always been with the illuminati.

This video is the screen shot from their website about their current statements on him.

Trained Infiltrator

This video is 2 clips from the Interview with Project Camelot. He admits that he was asked to infiltrate an Islamic Organization. This shows that he is a trained infiltrator. He also exposes himself that there is not such thing as a rebel within, even though that is what he has been claiming since March/April 2008.

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