Liberty Lodge #1

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Leo Zagami claims that he started the Liberty Lodge #1 in Kansas City.  This lodge does not exist.  No one knows anything about it but he says it is a lodge that is for all to join.

In a call with Phil on 06-06-2008 he says, the lodge is in a hotel in Kansas City or as most heard it, The Kansas City Hotel.  I have been searching for The Kansas City Hotel and it doesn't exist.  Its not on google, its not in a Kansas City phone book.  So where is this hotel or is it one of the 50 hotels in KC?

He is the head of the illuminati and thats the best he can do is have it in an unknown hotel? Serious? He is head of the P2 lodge which has tons of money running through it?  He is full of it.

Here is how stupid this guy is.  Watch this video.

He says no more secrets.  Isn't it strange that he wont tell anyone where it is located?  What happened to no more secrets?

If you have an address for this Lodge #1, then get it to me and I will verify it.

If you don't have one, then don't believe it exists.

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