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Watch both of Aaron Russo's free dvd on this site. He produced "Mad as Hell" and "America, Freed to Fascism" (sounds like freedom to fashisim Aaron Russo). Some have titled this film, "America, Freedom to Facism" but "America, Freedom to Fascism" is the correct spelling.

I watched "Mad as Hell" that was filmed in 1996. Things he talks about, we still deal with today.

So really, not much has changed.

Actually, it got worse.

While watching it, I felt like it was filmed this year. They talked about the problems with illegal immigration, open borders, Tyranny, problems with Police and Federal governments having to much power, the real ID (national ID) and so much more.

It is sad that we have progressed very little since then.

When will our nation wake up?

People say that since 9/11, people are waking up and the internet is making this possible. But really, with all these people supposively waking up, there isn't anything being accomplished.

One of the bad things about Aaron, that most people don't know...

and people will be pissed at me for saying...

is that he was in it for popularity and maybe even making money.

This was brought to my attention when I was listening to him in an interview with Bill Cooper. Very sad.

Continue below to watch Aaron Russo's free dvd now.

Aaron Russo "Mad as Hell"

This is another Aaron Russo free DVD. This is the latest film

"America, Freedom to Fascism"

Aaron Russo said he has been involved in fighting for our country for over 10 years. He was invited to join the elite but refused and they were baffled by this. Why wouldn't anyone join them? Special benefits and elitist status.

He has had some health challenges. He was fighting cancer and at times it seemed that he may not make it. The fight is over now. Aaron Russo passed away on August 24th, 2007.

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