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Some people have been following & supporting this guy Leo Lyon Zagami. I uncovered somethings about him and have been posting it on youtube. I don't think all the videos were that great but I was right in the end.

Here are the Dates and titles of my videos that I created. Because of my work, I created some problems on the Leo Zagami forum website (in 2008) and even had one of his loyal supporters Scott Bruno realize that Leo has been lying to people. He was quickly sucked back in as he was told I am not a credible source without anyone addressing the issues I raised. Nor did they look into the validity of them.

Youtube Videos

June 19, 2008 - Leo Zagami Admits Demonic Possession but fights satanists


June 22, 2008 - Leo Zagami Jesuit Coadjutor & Is Slats Grobnik For Real?


June 22, 2008 - Leo Zagami Exposed by Greg Szymanski and Slats Grobnick


June 30, 2008 - Project Camelot: Leo Zagami is Working for CIA


July 01, 2008 - Leo Zagami - Trained Infiltrator


September 25, 2008 - Leo Zagami: US needs the North American Union Superhighway


I recently saw Leo Zagami & Ben Fulford in a video together. I think they are both clowns.

Video 1


Video 2


Anyway, I decided to look up another supporter of Leo Zagami, Phil. Back in 2008, he removed the thread that Scott Bruno had posted my info on and his questioning of Leo and then his return to Leo with an apology. People were complaining about it missing, so he brought it back. That is when I saw it but it may be long gone now through all the transition of changes that the website went through and I didn't document it.

I checked out Phil's youtube channel and saw a comment on a youtube video he uploaded. I guess i brought to much attention to it because he made it private.



grinreaperdutchphil (1 week ago) He said he used to be SMOM but later rejected his membership. He claims to be a grandmaster of a brand of Illuminati called Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis.

He is also a CIA disinformation agent. When I found this out I cut ties with him completely. I have no business working for the CIA, thank you very much.

[end excerpt]

I decided to email him to see what happened. Phil was doing

interviews with Leo and doing a lot of work in the leozagami.com forum and I knew something big had to of happen for him to say something like this.

He sent me this email in response.


An Italian friend of Leo confided to me that Leo is a CIA disinfo

agent. The CIA wanted Leo to go out and even proclaim in public that he in fact was a CIA agent! It is a classic of example of a counter-intelligence ploy. Remember David Shayler, or even David Icke for that matter. They all give you wonderful information and then suddenly the start claiming to be Jesus and what not. It is disgusting but this is (one way of) how counterintel works.

Now that he detonated himself, I'm surprised that he still keeps going on as if nothing happened. Leozagami.com is on its last legs and has not been updated in 10 days now, and counting.

Leo claims to be fighting satanists when he STILL is a satanist himself. He still conjures up demons in his masonic lodge. He still is routinely possessed.

Leo now he has teamed up with another disinfo clown, Benjamin "ninja's to the rescue" Fulford. What a joke!

So now we get to choose from either humpty or dumpty to be our pied piper. They can go and walk off the deep end without me, thank you very much.

Thanks for your interest,


[end excerpt]

Now Leo Zagami is telling people he is Jesus. I posted 2 of the videos on my website but they have been removed from the countvivian channel.

Video 1 (Leo in a mental hospital or a jail)

Video 2 (Leo in a mental hospital or a jail)

Video 3 (Leo in a church saying he is Jesus)

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