John Perkins

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John Perkins was an EHM, Economic Hit Man.  He knows what is going on in this world.  The reasons behind the wars, accidental deaths of country leaders (assisnations) and so on.

I read his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and it changed my life.  In my innocent mind, I find it hard to believe what I am reading.  How can things go on like this? 

We are fighting terrorism but doing our own?  We have secrent agents in other countries to bring the countries under our power or we take the leaders out.  We rape the lands of many countries for their resources and leave them in ruins.

John Perkins brings all of these things to light.  We can't be naive about them anymore.

It is time to educate ourselves and act.

Here is a radio interview he did about his book.

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