Anthony Mitchell AP Reporter for Africa Assassinated

by TJ Chambers
(Lenexa, KS, USA)

May 4, 2007, A Kenyan Airline plane crashed carrying 114 people in Cameroon. Many news sites reported on this event except that they didn't give the details.

When you read the articles you may think you have the details. What was missing?

AP put out the full article with all the details the news agencies would not report on.

From the AP Article "AP reporter who covered Africa with passion dies in plane crash returning from assignment" by Chris Tomlinson:

"Anthony Mitchell was a dogged AP correspondent that had a passion for uncovering challenging stories. He was on an assignment to investigate the criminal trade in endagered species for food."

"He was 39 and just spent a week in the Central African Republic where he visited markets that sold elephant meat and chimps and gorillas to international smugglers. His stories were to be published before an international conference on the topic next month."

Maybe he crossed the international smugglers and they didn't want to get the news out. Who are these international smugglers? Is there someone else who may want him dead?

Continuing. "He made global headlines last month with his in-depth investigation into the illegal detention and transfer of terror suspects from Kenya to Somalia and eventually into Ethiopian prisons. His work forced U.S and Ehtiopian officials to acknowledge a program that

until then had led to the secret detention of dozens of people, including women and children."

Ouch. He touched a sore spot for a couple countries. The US is famous for taking out people who stand in the way. Expose what they are doing and they will find a way to take that person out and make it look like an accident. It happens all the time.

Secretly detaining women and children? It happens in our country too. They are separating kids from their parents and putting them all in concentration camps. Very disturbing.

"Human rights groups praised the story but it was criticized by the Ethiopian governments as coming from an "ivory tower" where the war on terror was not understood. It was not the first time his stories angered Ethiopian authorities."

An angered government teamed up with the US? That is dangerous.

"During the 2005 election, he repeatedly uncovered government efforts to influence the vote's outcome and obtained secret EU reports that detailed allegations of rigging."

Don't be so surprised, it is what happens here in the US. Everyone is involved in controlling governemnts and elections.

"He was expelled from Ethiopia, in August 2006, for what it calls hostile reporting."

Hostile reporting is when you ask direct questions that are purposely being avoided and are not part of a pre-written script.

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