by Mark Fildes

With The Greatest Of Respect and on behalf of The Scottish Spiritual Society, Children Of The Natural World.

Occult symbolism has various purposes but all serve the SAME intent, that of evil intent. The most common use is that for self-gain by either a singular individual or a collective organization of ADVANCED minds. This technique is called Satanism. Satanism is mainly a system used for financial gain by manipulative means upon the weak, the vulnerable and the unenlightened. It may also be used for mass mind-control under the right circumstances. The key element incorporated here to achieve the latter is FEAR.

In relation to the Illuminati’s use of occult symbolic teachings in this case is, of course, FEAR, to gain wealth and mass-mind control on ALL levels for its own evil purposes. Occult symbolism then, must act as a talisman in relation to its primary function to create change and effect.

Symbolism = Energy.

By this method, if properly applied, energy can then be harnessed to its full potential, ESPECIALLY when placed into WIDE SPREAD USE, being GLOBALLY distributed by money and media being its PRIME objectives. It may then be projected between people by money (touch) and enter households and all other unprotected public domains via media (television, etc). But this effect can be subconscious or conscious. Be it CONSCIOUS in nature the subject is AWARE of its presence, are in unity of it, in support of it and encouraging its use (Freemasonry). By SUBCONSCIOUS means, the talisman is being forced upon the subject without consent and thus the energies of the talisman enters one’s life, causing changes, be it great or small but in compliance to its purpose and principle rule. It will remain there until the subject becomes enlightened of its presence and banishes it from their sanctuary. This is the Illuminati’s MAIN use for Satanic symbolic function, along with the Owl (Molec). I call this technique “Rogue Energy” in relation to SUBCONSCIOUS interaction, but is the most important aspect of it’s use. In respect of all the above we must then turn our attention to Electricity.

Electricity, as you already know, is an UNSEEN FORCE of energy that SURROUNDS US ALL and has an AFFECT on our everyday lives. It is an energy which is POWERED BY A MAIN SOURCE. If that MAIN SOURCE were to be rendered ineffective it would, obviously, cease to operate.

EVERY power, EVERY energy all have its MOTHER SOURCE, its main port of conductivity, be it fabricated (man-made) or Natural (The Creator). The Illuminati’s use of

symbolism in this case then is FABRICATED and PURPOSEFULLY PLACED THERE. Including its MOTHER SOURCE.

In order to intercept the Illuminati’s regime and centuries-old horrific intent is NOT to target their banking empires with terrorism or protest and NOT to cease carrying on with employment. Yes, their empire and grip over society would collapse if we did but only MOMENTARILY. When one cuts the grass, the grass grows again. For as long as humanity has to live by money as the key to one and alls existence, one and all will always need it in order to sustain that survival. Mankind has ALWAYS traded. Money can be controlled in a proper way - the Creators way - and by Creators TRUE REPRESENTATIVES. (Creator approves of money, as it can help sustain law and order within Its people but ONLY when controlled by the rightful, truthful hand). In addition, our people are “Too far gone” to boldly stand in unification and declare that they are no longer going to be cattle to the slaying, and people like us trying to get the word out there to the masses is now an impossible task. It has went beyond the point of no return for worldly unification and our people are too caught up in it’s deceitful, complex, evil web. They just haven’t the courage and motivation because of instilled fear, years of control and mass-manipulation to the point of spiritual de - sensitivity. We must forgive people UNCONDITIONALLY for this and in the first instance, and those of whom are already AWARE of this evil regime must not display anger, impatience and abandonment towards unenlightened people..

The solution lies in the SYMBOLISM, not the money or inflicting war upon them. These are PHYSICAL in substance. Symbolism is SPIRITUAL. and their principal technique of hypnotizing the people is based on that symbolism.

So, where lies the main source of conductivity?

We have seen them a million times.

In pictures, films and thousands of people have even visited them on holiday (so close yet so far).

One thing is for sure though. . .

They ARE NOT of the mystery the general public are made to think they are.

They were placed there a very long, long time ago by the Sumarians, dictated to them by The Anunnaki, for evil intent that has held sway over our world for thousands of years and used by World Leaders high in the occult, passed on by world leaders before them through their bloodlines.

They are The Three Thieves Of The Night.

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