Congressional Control Puts Your Child in Danger

by TJ Chambers

Many Americans trust their government to protect. Largely, the American citizens don't.

Is that a surprise? The power over the people into the hands of puppets for large corporations is a frightening thing.

One of those corporations being Pharmaceutical companies. These companies have power over our health and our life.

They can make us die or for us to go psychotic. Thats what was written in a recent article, Dangers of Congressional Control of Health Care.

The article discusses a column sent by Ron Paul. Ron Paul (Presidential candidate 2008) says that big governemnt is a bad thing.

The government is trying to take control of health care. That means more spying in your private life. The government doesn't need to know about your health.

There are programs being established right in the public school systems. These include mental screenings. One of the programs is TeenScreen. These kinds of programs must be resisted.

The program is trying to put the screenings right into the curriculum. That means that you as a parent does not have the right to know that there is a screening taking place.

You don't have the right to tell them no because it happens automatically.


government has a "war on drugs". Ron Paul says
"Despite political rhetoric about a War on Drugs, federally-funded programs result in far more teenage drug use than the most successful pill pusher on the playground. These pills are given out as a result of dubious universal mental health screening programs for school children, supposedly directed toward finding mental disorders or suicidal tendencies."

With these mental health screenings, they can prescribe drugs. That means more money to drug companies and more control of children. It also means a detoriation of children's lives.

The use of stimulant medication causes psychosis. Ron Paul says,

"The use of antipsychotic medication in children has increased fivefold between 1995 and 2002. More than 2.5 million children are now taking these medications, and many children are taking multiple drugs at one time."

Did you know that a very popular drug today includes an ingredient that the CIA uses for mind control? Adderall has Amphetamine Sulfate in it. This is the drug used for mind control.

You can see a problem already developing. Mind control and detoriating of health of our children, the upcoming generation.

We have to stop big government and stop these programs they are trying to push.

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Jun 20, 2010
I have to agree. kids learning about pregnancy
by: Dmobile215

I just a situation about kids learning about teenage pregnancy and the nerve of the teacher telling the kids who are 12 years old to carry a 5 pound bag of flour around all day, now the parents had a fit about this and I would not blame them this is a sad situation.

We have to fight for more school rights. and get involved with what is going on in our school systems.


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