To All American Citizens - Wake Up

by Phil "Two if by sea" S.

I don't have a story really. I do have a background and a heritage. I have ancestors and history. Most of which I am very proud some of which I am not so proud.

I know the truth when I see it just as I know a lie when I see it. One cannot confuse the truth with a lie and gain anything by it. The lie remains what it is, a lie.

One can pile a mountain of lies upon a single small truth and that one small truth will shake the mountain to its ruined foundations. We have sat idle in the past and watched "OUR ELECTED" officials (emphasis mine because we did vote them into office) say anything and everything in order to obtain an elected position and then either fail to act , or act in the opposite fashion compared to their campaign statements and promises.

We have allowed this to take place. We allowed the congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act thereby giving our ability as a country to print money to a private bank. We have bought into false flag attacks on the United States in order to start wars that make us slaves to the bankers.

We sat and watched the bankers dissolve the family unit and imprison one in twenty men between 18 and 33 years old, that is over 2,000,000 (million) citizens! More than any other nation on Earth.

We We allowed the elitist to remove the middle class and similar to the "Island of Dr. Moreau" transform them into the enslaved credit card class with variable rate mortgages.

There are more than 900,000 families in foreclosure currently in the U.S. due in large part to unethical lending practices. I say families because that is what they are.

The news and their analysts will say HOMES in foreclosure. We have heard them swear with hands on the Holy Book of God, their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America only to sign secret accords with Mexico and Canada removing our borders with those nations in an attempt to expedite a North American Union using a new currency , the AMERO liken to the European Union and the EURO, which the Europeans voted down and still, it was created unlawfully.

We continue to stick our heads in the sand and watch dissolve all of our civil liberties and our bill of rights. We cower in shame and mumble threats over the University of Florida student being tazed for asking tough questions of a congressman, or we say he got what he deserved. I am nearly ashamed to call myself an American.

I look around and listen for those revolutionary sounds of the 1960's! I listen for the activist's and students voices over megaphones in the streets. I look for the raised fists of defiance and resistance, and black berets, but all I see is Mr.T starter kits and bling bling grills, because they are not here, they are busy ordering a half caff la-tays at starbucks and hoping the housing market will turn around and praying that the FED will cut interest rates another half point.

They are no longer burning draft cards or bras. They are just wishing that someone else would save their Social Security and that someone else would fix health care because they are ruined if they become sick or GOD help them if they need their insurance company to approve a liver transplant.

They aren't beating down the doors of corporate

America and demanding access to the rights and guarantees afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States. They aren't clogging the streets with the SUV's they were duped into buying and forcing the servant government to stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia.

The same Saudi Arabia that had its citizens attack us. Where are all of these leaders from that generation? Where are those who would organize a huge citizens demonstrations condemning the genocide taking place in the Sudan Darfur Africa? Where are those voices that cried out " to be antiwar IS patriotic"?

Certainly Cindy Sheehan's not the only one. What happened to the weather underground? I'll tell you. They are this generation the so called slackers the (x'ers) they are the one's online they are the one's secretly discussing and openly demanding change. We are the one's who will rise up and when the time is right we will make a stand and if needs be violently overthrow a the old fascist corporatism.

We will have the vast networks of resistance fighters. We are the one's who are showing our children how to grow vegetables and conserve our Earth's resources and buying hemp clothes, yeah we read hightimes, but we also write for the NY times and the Journal and in some cases own those publications.

We are the minutemen and women and the militia, we are the defenders of freedom and we will honor our oaths even if it is to be that blood be spilled. Times they are indeed a changing. Karma is real. There are universal truths. Good will always defeat evil in the end, and the strong will survive.

If you have made your pledge of allegiance to a flag you are a fool. Make your pledge of allegiance to the REPUBLIC for which the flag stands only,and to the defense of children all over this Earth who have no voice.

Demand to be heard even if you end up in a FEMA concentration camp. Become an enemy combatant if they try to silence your voice. Do not listen to the mainstream media as it is controlled and seeks to divide us all just ask Rupert Murdoch. Register to vote, and go vote.

Click here to go to to read the article with the subject, "I have Karl Rove's email", and ask why the Attorney General fired nine Federal Prosecutors and then resigned himself.

Learn what vote caging is and how Rove planned to use it in this election. Take time to hear what Dr. Ron Paul has to say. View Aaron Russo's America Freedom to Fascism and "Mad as Hell".

Take the time to watch this film and you will know why you never saw it advertised in any cinema for viewing because it was banned from showing. You will see why all of the major movie rental companies refused to rent the film.

Order William Cooper's book, "Behold A Pale Horse", (Click here to watch the Behold A Pale Horse Lecture for free) that predicted all of these events that have occurred from 9-11 attacks to the coming nuclear attack, to the alien question and the second coming of Christ.

Very compelling. Become involved in you children's school. Run for a local office. Get elected make things change. Write your congressmen and women and if that doesn't work, camp out at their office. If that doesn't work, camp out at their doorstep. Do whatever it takes. But most of all, PRAY!!!

Thanks TJ.

Yours respectfully, Phil" Two if by sea" Smith

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Jan 04, 2008
What have thou wrot? A republic if you can keep it. B. Franklin
by: Anonymous

I guess it seems a bit vain to comment on something I wrote, but I am not a journalist. I am not an intellectual or a scholar. I am just a man, and I see the disparity between the rich and the poor, the healthy and the ill. I the wrongs that affect everyone. I suppose little will be done until there is a mass round up of those who dissent or disagree with the current laws of this country, and are placed in internment camps in order to silence their voices. I am of the opinion that if the authorities come for me or my family ,or my firearms, that I will stand and fight as our founding fathers did. I will die on my feet not on my knees. I will honor my oath to protect and defend our beloved constitution of the United States. We do not live in a democracy we live in a republic. I would advise all Americans to take the time to read and most of all UNDERSTAND the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Know them as the apply to you the free citizen that you are. It is critical that you do, for it is the only protection you have against a police state styled government. As an example we have a protection under the 5th amendment which says we do not have to testify or incriminate ourselves, yet we are required to file an income tax return , and should it be incorrect it can result in our imprisonment. This is a clear violation of our 5th amendment right. I only ask that we as American citizens become aware, unafraid and involved. Thank you and may your creator protect and bless you.

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