End Game Doesn't Tell the Whole Truth


I really liked the movie End Game but of course it doesn't really tell us all the truth. I have read a lot about what it has disclosed but who is going to listen to a 71 year old? If I was to go out and fight this mess, yes I am informed but I am not in the inside track to actualy group that is running things. If I was and told people about what I know, I would be dead and gone, thats for sure. So nobody really knows the whole truth. If he did and said something about it as I said earlier, I would be dead. I have about 10 more years if I am lucky. This mess has been going on for thousands of years, if not more. So I don't think they are close to getting what they want but they are working on it. If every thing comes true within the next ten years, I may be able to do something, but not much. I will be in my 80's. I think it was a good movie but it does not tell us the whole story. Thank you and good luck to you if you can stop it.

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Aug 24, 2008
You Are correct
by: TJ


Thanks for your feed back. You are correct, we don't know the whole truth. One of the problems with Alex Jones is, he knows more then he is telling us. That is why you feel that the whole truth is not being told.

It is not the case with him that he doesn't know more and is only sharing what he knows.

Most people that follow him don't even know what you just said. They think he is revealing everything.

It is nice to hear from you.

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