You are wrong

by Joe

There are many references to the Sons of God in the old testament. The hebrew is Bene Haelohim (The Sons of God) and it always refers to Angels.

The book of Josephus talks about the nephilim and Josephus himself concurs that Angels cohabited with mortal women and gave birth to Giants.

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Feb 17, 2012
Oh ye of little faith NEW
by: Anonymous

The bottom line is that no matter what anyone says you will not believe. So why argue with some one who apparently already knows everything there is to know about the Bible,God,the Angels and the Nephilim. You go to people who have a like minded view and then act like you really did your home work on it. As this has no bearing on my salvation through Jesus it really matters little true or false,But it is interesting and anyone who would completely dismiss it is in denial. To me it does seem like something the satan and the fallen would try,diluting the pure blood of Gods creation. If it truly happened the way you say it did then giants and mighty men would still be among us. Didn't Joshua and the Hebrews do battle with whole tribes of giants. I think that organized religion has gone to great lengths to keep this hush hush but why I can't figure.It seems to me it would be more proof to the secular world that God is God and the bible is the truth.

Oct 15, 2010
Im Wrong But You have no proof?
by: TJ Chambers


Its funny how I am wrong but you don't even provide any proof. Yes, there are many references to the sons of God in the old testament as well as in the new. If you will read my page on nephilim, you will see I discuss that as well as benei elohim.

Benei means sons, elohim means God. Where is this always referred to angels? I'd like to see proof on that. There isn't any.

Look at my proof. I don't know about Josephus, I havent read any of the books on him and don't know what book you are referring to.

Babylon religion and the pagan western religion was a big part of the culture during the time of Josephus with all the romans every where and from the exile and return from Babylon.

These religions have gods and humans having sex and children together, not the Bible.

It is possible, that in some parts of the old testament, they put some stories of mythology in there, like the giants that came from spirits and humans but it wouldn't make that a factual statement. They would just be repeating mythology.

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