William Cooper Exposes 9/11 Pre September 2001

by TJ Chambers

William Cooper talked about 9/11 on June 28th, 2001, a few months before it happened. He told us exactly who is going to pull this event off but who is going to be blamed.

Isn't it weird that he said all this 3 months before it happened? He told us exactly who would be blamed before it was ever found out who attacked NY on that day?

I started my search to find out what happend on 9/11 because of a similar experience. I had something happen to me before 9/11 that clue'd me in that something was coming.

Watch this video and then I will get into that.

Bill Cooper on 911 on June 2001

Continuing with my story. Bill knew something was coming and said it was major. I knew something was coming, and was major, but I had a completely different experience.

This is going to sound weird but I saw 9/11 before it happened.

Part of this revelation, I also knew that this was part of an awakening that was coming.

So, many years after September 11th, I started wondering what all this was about. Why did I experience this, what was this awakening.

Many Christian leaders were even saying this is an awakening and that we need to return to God and pray.

I didn't agree with them. It was something else.

After coming across Bill Coopers video above and many of his teachings, I believe this is exactly the awakening.

You can read about my story here.

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