Weather Balloons And Satellites

by TJ

This past weekend (8/22/15) I talked with a long time friend. He is a retired Federal National Weather Serviceman. Previously, before I discovered the truths of the flat earth, we were talking about weather balloons. It confused me that there are still weather balloons that are sent up to track the weather. I didn't understand the need for that with satellites.

With all the technology available today, weather balloons are still the primary source for weather info?

So, back to this past weekend.

I brought up weather balloons to him again to learn more about it. He was sharing with me that there is a grid of balloons sent out all over the United States. They send up balloons every 12 hours about 200 miles apart. They go up to 100k ft and when the gas expands the balloon enough, it pops and comes back down.

They don't have camera equipment on it. They measure pressure, temperature and other weather related metrics.

I asked about satellites. I wondered what kind of data they get from them?

Ready for this?

The only data are pictures.

For all the satellites in space, the only good a weather satellite does is to send pictures. It is pieces of the puzzle like this that continue to show that things are not as they seem.

He said that Canada, Mexico, Russia, Europe, and other areas all work together and share the information with each other.

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Mar 27, 2017
by: Anonymous

A satellite takes pictures yes. It takes pictures in multiple wavelengths which gives a lot of data about the earth. But how do you propose a satelllite outside the atmosphere would measure pressure and windspeed or moisture levels? The easiest way to do that is to still have something, like a balloon, that is still inside the atmosphere. A lot of weather is still measured with radar as well, and they have to put the radar stations all over the place so that they are not obstructed by the earth's curvature.

Apr 22, 2016
satellites lol
by: times draggen

In regard to satellites. There was a story about a loose blimp in PA. Supposed to be part of our early missile defense warning system. If we have thousands of satellites, why would we need a blimp. This thing cost a billion dollars they claimed. There are many you tube videos of it. This thing escaped tore down power lines, etc. How can anyone believe all those satellites are there and being controlled if they can't even control a blimp. One more reason to question everything about the space nonsense. Where is all that money really going.

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