Weather and Ability to deal with our government

by Dmobile215
(Philadelphia PA)

This is what the deal is. Our government has sadden our people, who knew the truth? William M. Cooper. He spoke the truth and he was killed because it. Our country is based on greed and we are in this situation alone.

We all try to get our nation to see and open there eyes on these topics. One of the biggest issues is going to be about Amero dollar. I bet if we can come out of debt then we will be more closer to fixing the US debt. But that will not happen we are sheep in the land and once the slaughter starts then our people will be wakened to late.

The weather could be about taking NASA space shuttles to other planets and causing the Ozone layer to be interrupted. We really to do not know why they keep going on there but if you noticed NASA.GOV is controlled by the government and why are they going out there unless there is something there that they do not want us to know.

Something is going on and we are not in a situation of debt, fear, control, unawareness. This makes us weak to many situations and now we really are running out of answers Global warming is a situation that we really can not control one day we might. the weather peaking at a norm of under 9c this will teach us a lesson about trying to fix other countries and screwing around with other peoples countries. If we are not safe in our own country how the F%ck are we going to fix someone elses country or try to run it!

President Obama is running with the rich and not for the people. I do not see what changes have been made but I see more camera's at the street lights, I see more government trying to watch us instead of trying to see what is really going on we are beat at our own game and we must stand up for what we believe in because our nation is really a sitting duck!


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