truth on both sides of global warming

by daniel

it is clear that the global warming issue is yet another tool being used to manipulate the masses, but it is total and complete bullshit to assume that man is not having a very large effect on the planet.

the fact is, is that we are hurting the planet and if we keep it up,were in trouble.and probably sooner than later.but guess what?the real powers that be dont give a fucking shit.

remember, that depopulation is at the root of a lot of this bullshit.but before most of us are dead they will pretend to give a fuck and suck us dry through a bullshit carbon tax and not offer any real sollutions, which by the way is absolutly possible and completely within the means of government.

only after depopulation has taken place will any real measures be taken to fix and or slow down the damage we have done.

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Dec 04, 2008
hard to except
by: Anonymous

Yes the truth is hard to except, but it is the truth, and the truth does not care if people except it or not.

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