by linda
(sioux city)

IS WHY THE DEVIL HATES MAN SO. ITS BECAUSE WE WERE MADE A LITTLE HIGHER THAN THE ANGELS This is why the angels left their estate to pollute the bloodlines of man to stop the power in man to resist him. He got bent out of shape evidently he thought he was all that and for GOD to put man in charge of him and evidently a bunch of other angels did too . The new information on micro-genetics and the search for the power within the atom is that light and sound is what is holding the universe together and who is described as the word and the light he ignites us and powers us to do things not physically possible to do at a purely physical level this power can also be used stolen with rites and ritual GOD did not depower these angels just kicked them out. Seems to me this article is more about the natural world being the only one that exists. Whether deformities as giants, ect that are mentioned in all legends and religions were real because of this fallen ones is just to bizarre for some people to accept just as they don,t accept that they are equipped with everything to do miracles and wonders. Some people just can't see the truth when they read it.


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Jul 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

True story,but more importantly guys nephilim no longer exist ad flesh they perished in the great flood of Noah...They are npw spirit biengs and God called them ev spirits because they are part angelic,part human...That is the judgement meted out for them from before the flood.They have continued to exist in the spirit because anyone and everyone you see not serving/acknowledging Christ as the Son of GOD is more than likely possessed by a nephilim spirit.Jesus said that we cannot serve two masters!

Feb 26, 2013
Emnity between her seed and yours.
by: Anonymous

The first prophecy given by the LORD regarding the coming of the Messiah and the destruction of what the devil did in the garden in Eden had to do with offspring, and Eve's offspring destroying the work of the devil. It's obvious to see that the devil figured that if he was able to corrupt her seed and destroy any chance that the messiah would be able to be born a perfect in his generations human being such as Noah, then he would be able to stop the LORD's divine plan.

But as always the Good LORD has a plan, and once He opens a door, no one else can shut it.


Dec 17, 2012
fallen angels
by: Anonymous

Satan had to mess with DNA. Mystical body of Christ vs Mystical body of Satan. This is the reason for the flood. Noah was the only person not messed with and from him came the line of David. Illumanati are decendants of nephilim waiting for the return of their father as Christian wait for the return of Christ.

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