Smoking and Screaming

by Ceri

Well I guess the owner of this web site still thinks smoking cigarettes is a healthy past time, and would think this is seeing through the smoke. The comment that, "This global warming issue as it is being put out in the media is one of the biggest scams of our day" is extremely irresponsible.

For God's sake wake up! visit for an amazing amount of info on global warming.

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Jul 22, 2008
I'm with TJ on this
by: Michael Boyter

This is one of my "hot-button" issues. Global
warming is a huge scam and we are all just falling
for it. So gullible.

One of my favorite sites is

Great job, TJ, on this website. Keep it up.

Michael Boyter
Anchorage, Alaska
Fellow SBIer

Jan 04, 2008
Smoking A healthy pasttime?
by: TJ Chambers


Just to make a comment on something you said.

"Well I guess the owner of this web site still thinks smoking cigarettes is a healthy past time, and would think this is seeing through the smoke."

The media is running rampant about this global warming stuff and how it is all true, blah blah blah. You are buying it up big time.

It used to be considered "healthy" to smoke. Doctors said it was healthy, media pushed it as healthy. Guess what, maybe you were alive then and bought it too. Later on we find out that it is not healthy and very deadly.

Guess what, it is to late. People are addicted to the image and the drug in it.

The media (commercials, movies, tv) have pushed the image of smoking and the good benefits (look cool, get the girls, guys will like you, stess relief) that people are still trying smoking and can't stop using it.

We know that it will kill you and make you have terrible health. We even know it will cause problems in your sex life.

Guess what, you would have bought that then, and now you are buying this global warming thing.

You just keeping buying everything they sell you.

That is where the smoke is, they blow it in your face and you can't see what the truth is.

Jan 04, 2008
The lie you are being fed
by: TJ Chambers


My guess is that you believe global warming as presented is true. You haven't done enough research.

Planet earth is not the only planet having a warming problem. What does that tell you? In the 70's, there was a big scare because we were heading into an ice age.

All of a sudden, 30 years later, we are heading into global warming.

This global warming is just a natural occurence and is not directly related to human interference.

You need to wake up! Stop reading the lies that the media is telling you.

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