Saints are as angels see Matthew 22:30 sons of God are Men and sons of God are angels

by Mark V. Markov

Christ said they will not marry but will be like angels. see Matthew 22:30

so saints will be like angels
exactly as Enoch's vision

read Job where it says when sons of God shouted
while God created heaven foundations see Job 38

people did not exist back then
since earth was created first
then all living creatures (animals, birds,fish, etc)
before Adam and Eve see Genesis chapter 1

yet still Adam was a son of God
since God gave him breath
and formed him from nothing except dust ground
he was made first and in God's image
(meaning God is a He and not a she)
then animals were brought to him
then only later Eve was formed from his rib see Genesis 1 and 2

so sons of God were as Adam since he was a son of God
yet women are daugthters of men
since Eve came from Adam's rib
after he named all animals
and couldn't find a helper
even though God gave her breath also
yet he formed her out of a a man's flesh
which was Adam's rib. see Genesis chapter 2

see celestial for more facts of scripture.

so yes sons of God are men
and sons of God are angels
except when in Genesis it says sons of God
it means Adam's descendants
since he was a son of God

Genesis 6 was before the flood, a continuation of Adams
descendants who were Men since he was a Man
and therefore sons of God since he was a son of God
made in the image of God
placed in charge of Eden
while Eve was his helper
see luke 3:38
Genesis 5:1-3
Genesis chapters 1 and 2

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