Ron Paul Freemason

by Jenny

Ron Paul was the first candidate I ever gave money to. I really thought he was a true statesman. I thought he seemed to exemplify what I felt was necessary to start the turn around of America from the abyss. I saw a video that showed him doing the satanic salute. I then heard his views that are favorable towards masonry, and it seems probable that he is a freemason.

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Apr 15, 2011
My family and I came out of Masons
by: Marie

When I was fourteen I joined Rainbow with my friend. When my father became a Mason, my mother and I joined Eastern Star. We were very active and truly enjoy the people.

But, I was always troubled by the Symbols and didn't like them. There were certain rituals done that I didn't understand either and asked question, but no one seemed to know or did not want to reveal the meanings. Because I was a baby Christian,and did not know my Bible, I walked into the devil's terrority without knowing it. There seemed to be a "presence" in the Temple and I hated to be anywhere alone.

There were ministers, pastors, priest that belong (seemed okay...right? not.) Mayors, police chiefs, Senators, Congressmen, lawyers, doctors very strong pillar of the community belonged.

Many years later my Chrisitan brother-in-law told us that it was a Luciferian brotherhood. So we quit going and repented. Years later I started doing research on symbols and Masons. It really is bad. Those who belong many do not know, that it is really a Luciferian brotherhood. They are in for the social fellowship or for political reasons to meet people. My father was told if he joined he would have steady work. So he joined. He had steady work.

The Masons (the elite and higher up people) are involved in the New World Order and are apart of the Secret Societies. I would not vote for anyone who I knew was a Mason. Masons is like a wheel...the outward part does not know what the "core center" is doing. People are hand picked to move up into the center "ring". It is a "darkness" that needs to be exposed.

Yes. It is sad that Ron Paul.

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