Ron Paul and the World Bank & IMF

Ron Paul referenced The World Bank and the IMF as organizations that are working with our government on new ideas pertaining to our monetary system and the Federal Reserve. He clearly promoted those corrupt zionist organizations in the public sphere when they're both clearly, with our "Federal Reserve", part of a world monetary monopoly. In my eyes he knows full well everyone of those organizations are connected so he's full of u know what.

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Mar 23, 2012
Invalid Reference
by: Willie Lee

Ron Paul has made his position clear on the world bank. He has stated that it has outlived it's usefulness, and should be eliminated. Search the terms "Ron Paul World Bank" and you will find that his position is consistent on this issue.

Jun 05, 2011
Show us the proof when speak about Ron Paul!
by: Dmobile215

I am not discrediting you on your blog but as they say show me the money, so show me the proof of this post. Sometimes we don't question authority but I am always wanting to learn more about this matter and I am a big supporter of Ron Paul but not if he is playing both sides of the fence.

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