Peaceful, Lawfull Rebellion

This video It's an Illusion by John Harris on Peaceful, Lawful Rebellion is one of the best presentations of the truth that I have seen in a long time.

You see, our government is still there, behind the scenes. Our system still works. The problem is that you have said you are a person and fully submit to everything you are told.

Liars like Alex Jones are trying to get you to rise up in violence but this is unnecessary. If you do this, it will be to your demise.

Watch this 5 part series about the fiction person.

By the way, he is in the UK but almost everything applies to people in the 50 United States. Not only do we say we are "persons" but we also say we are "United States citizens" which is another problem.

This is an intro to it all and I am doing many of these things myself.

Just read the statutes for your state and you will see these terms that mean the same thing, "person", "party" or "parties", "individual", "firm", "corporation", "partnership", and some others I can't think of.

Black's Law dictionary is used in the courts in the 50 states, just so you know.

Here is the link to the UK website in the video The People's United Kingdom -

For the 50 United States, you can learn a great deal about this kind of information by reading FedZone 11 by Paul Mitchell.

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