New World Order

by whistle blower

Paul is yet another Mason

Alex Jones...dis-info agent same with his friend Aaron Russo...Don't buy into this American bread dis-info. Start digging deeper, don't listen to the basic bullshit brought onto you by these websites. Doing your own research is key. Remember, not all information is on the internet...look farther.

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Oct 27, 2009
Alex Jones & The elite
by: TJ Chambers

Alex Jones can be working for the other side and exposing them. The problem is that you dont know how the other side works. You assume they wouldnt expose themselves because that is what Alex tells you.

See this video from Ron Paul

Further, look into the owner of GCN and his corrupt connections and possible ties to 9/11.

Oct 27, 2009
paul and Jones, masons?
by: skinner

i feel as though this needs to be replied to. I've read several times that Alex Jones is a dis info agent and you have to start by keeping an open mind. I struggle to understand why the Masons (who in your opinion would be controlling AJ's information) would have him cover topics like the 9/11 conspiracy, the bilderbergs, political corruption, vaccine dangers and the list goes on. He seemingly reports and seeks to bring down the very people (who would be in your opinion) employing him. That to me sounds far fetched and considering that many other "truth or freedom seekers" (i prefer this term over conspiracy theorists as the title has suffered over time) write about the same things in much the way same way it would mean that the majority of people ive read from are all dis info agents, thats a sad thought.
The thought that Ron Paul is a Mason, to me from what i have seen of him is very hard to believe.

Now i hate to accuse you of such things and like i said earlier keeping an open mind is vital but couldn't you be perceived as being a dis info agent by planting these seeds? i Hate to sit on the fence at the end of a comment but having said all that i have, you could quite well be right about AJ and RP being Masons. going to need you to elaborate tho.
one of the best informants ive read is Henry Makow he has some good points without having that feeling of being force feed info, which alex jones seems to. David Icke is good once you get past the reptile idea you'll see he has some very valid arguments and lastly David Wilcock is an interesting character.

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