My Thoughts On Global Warming

by poogie777
(Bellingham Wa USA)

I'm glad someone finally asked me my thoughts about global warming!

Personally, especially this time of year I think the heat could be turned up a little bit more!
I have a hard time believing it is the "most urgent possible disaster that could hit us" any time soon and that we need to give our full attention to it.

I watched all about it on History channel this last weekend and even the clips and photo's that they show do not convince me that it is the #1 concern that society and the world should have.
I personally believe that it is just "big business." And those who are capitalizing on it...know it!

Now, I don't mind recycling and simple stuff like that, but I won't give up my candy apple red convertible GT and drive an ugly car loaded with batteries that looks like my sons shoes going down the highway!

Do people really think we'll all turn into eco-friendly hells angels riding mopeds? .... Right...

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Feb 16, 2008
Global Warming (continued)
by: poogie777

I agree, Ben! I remember when growing up in the Black Hills (Mount Rushmore) and in those days, there was broken glass, cans, glass pop bottles,and garbage that over took our streams and streets.
I have been an advocate of getting it cleaned up whether my mess or not! While homeschooling my children I made it a "extra curriculum" to go out and walk a mile or two on each side of the street picking up garbage.
I also believe in turning off the lights when your not in the room...not because I believe in the hyped-up "global warming danger" but because I beleive in saving my money!!! Save hard working money!
I just get dumb-founded with people that believe that global warming is such a dangerous issue, a state of global emergency and if we smoke, drive cars that use oil, and use paper or plastic at the grocery store that WE ARE the EVIL ONES!!!
I watch the History channel when I can about it and it seems as though even some scientists are still uncertain to whether global warming is a "real threat" or not. It could be just a natural change. Last week they (History channel) were showing about the "ice age" weather the New England States had no long ago...."The Year Without A Summer."
If living up there at those times...I was alive back then, I believe it was in the 70's, so not so long ago...I would definitely welcome some "global warming."

Feb 15, 2008
by: Ben

With regard to anything, good objective thinking should prevail -not good wishful thinking! There probably is a mis-interpretation of the facts (scientific analysis) on both sides of the global warming debate.
I lean towards people are making more of it than they should. But, I also believe that we are affected by pollution, whether it be air, water, or what-have-you pollution. On those grounds it is good to clean up our environment. Not to mention the physical beauty of clean cities, etc.
One funny thing, or non-objective thought is when people associate a 'warm' winter, say, to global warming, but they refuse to associate a 'cold' winter to global warming being 'hype'.
One last thought, objective, rational thinking applies to everything, including religion, politics, love, etc.

Feb 01, 2008
AL Gore and Global Warming
by: TJ Chambers

I remember Al Gore just about crying because he wanted to be president. I remember him saying, I have to be president because I wont have anything else to do.

Miracously, he some how found out that global warming is going to kill us all. Some how, he had a lot of money to produce this film, have a personal jet to fly around in everywhere to spread this word.

Think about how badly this personal jet contributes to global warming. If it is so bad, why isn't he changing his way of traveling?

Because it isn't that bad, that is why.

Jan 31, 2008
More Thoughts on Global Warming
by: poogie777

I believe it's all a big picture conspiracy. It's the only way that big gov. can control big companies. I won't get into that right now....
What gets me is how gullible people really are. They will fall for anything!
No, they can't get up to the Artic areas and see for themselves, so they have to take someone elses word for it. People yearn for "something to believe in" and so this global warming has given them just that.
Don't get me wrong! I am all about taking care of what has been entrusted to us. The beautiful environment is worth upkeeping, but Al Gore and his kind make it a life and death sentence scare thing and thus make big money out of it by their extreme tacktics.

Jan 31, 2008
Great Comment about Global Warming Effects
by: TJ Chambers

Hi Poogie.

Thanks for your comments. I am glad to hear it. To many people are sucked in by the media and the propaganda that they put out.

All you have to do is think for yourself and ask questions and that is exactly what you did.

I hope you had a chance to watch that video I put on the global warming effects page.

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