Secrets of the Jesuits - Jim Arrabito

There are people saying that the Jesuits are taking over the world. They are really the ones that are behind the World Order and use people like Bush, Clinton, and the secret socities to do their work.

If that is hard to believe, then here is the pope calling for a new international order aka new world order. VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2004 ( John Paul II started the new year by insisting that peace is "possible" and thus a "duty," and he called for a new international order.

Eric Phelps wrote a book called the Vatican Assassins that talks about this. Here is a documentary that was made that talks about this.

This film is 121.2 minutes.

Smokescreens: Who is the "Whore" of Revelation?

Total Onslaught 205 - The Man Behind the Mask (Pope)

This video takes you through the Bible and explains the meaning of the symbols in Daniel and Revelation. He then explains how the Pope says he is God and is running the New World Order.

One thing I totally disagree with. He says that the Bible uses the phrase, "all the world", and that has not come to pass because all of the world means every country and nation. This is not true. Whenever the people in the Bible say, "all the world" they are talking about "their" world. That is all that mattered to them. Their world is where they lived.

To give you an example of that, here is the verse from Romans 1:8 First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.

Now, could their faith of been spoke of through the whole world? No, because the whole world hasn't heard the gospel yet. Anyway, I don't think this is that important of an issue because he exposes the truth of the Vatican as the system that created the New World Order.

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