I always wondered

by rick
(Plymouth Ma. USA)

Im Rick a 48-year-old man from Plymouth Ma. When I was a child all of 12 or so I was extremely interested in NASA & space as most kids are...

I had so many questions my mother could not answer such as MOM if the earth is spinning so fast why is it when I jump up in the air I come down in the exact same spot ? She must have gotten tired of my thousands of questions and suggested I ask NASA

.So I did just that I sent them many letters " as there was no email back then" with a few questions in each letter such as."why they do not re-enter the earth's atmosphere at a much slower rate of decent instead of the extremely high speeds they are doing & creating all that heat & friction. I mean after all, according to them it is simply made up of air and molecules heat, radiation ect.ect. & nothing hard right? No reply...

I also asked them if it was possible to purchase some photographs looking through the windshield of the shuttle while going out of earth's orbit and re-entering earth orbit I do not know why I wanted to see these perhaps because I never saw anything in any of the books I was reading at the time again we had no computers everything we read was either in books or magazines I can only imagine my level of knowledge had we the instruments of today when I was a child ... . I never received those photo's either

My developing brain was thirsting for knowledge & I recieved nothing in return from them for answers to my questions..... Nothing until my moteher wrote to them asking them why they did not reply to a child seeking knowledge their reply was "they are very busy and sent a few 8X10" photos of the space shuttle" At this point nothing was adding up in my pea brain. again... .I never got a reply, in fact, this discouraged me so much thatI felt stupid.

In fact, I thought "I must be stupid to not understand what so many obviously already do" I mean if they didn't understand, wouldnt they also be writing letters to NASA as well ?

So I stopped writting my letters and soon after I lost all interest in the subject .
Until I stumbled upon the flat earth theory last year
That same feeling of wonderment I had as a child has returned & now I have the tools I need to hopefully satisfy that need for knowledge
Rcik M
Plymouth Ma

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