Angles Don't ProCreate

by R J

Angels do not procreate, this is scriptural, and any diligent student of the bible will find it to be true. The heart of the matter is that God calls people out of the world to be separate, and glorify him. This was the crux of the matter from the beginning, and will be until the end. When ever the children of God mix with the world they are corrupted. The intermarriage of Isreal with other nations led to repeated apostacies throughout scripture. What a horrible spin Satan has put on this.

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Jul 21, 2015
Provide Scripture
by: Dante Fortson

There is NO scripture that says angels can't have sex. Not one.

There is one that says angels in HEAVEN don't get married, but it makes no mention of fallen angels or sex.

If the Bible said "animals neither marry nor are given in marriage", would you conclude that animals don't have sex? No because that would be a stupid conclusion. But it's true, animals don't marry, and yet they still manage to have sex and offspring.

So to include that because angels in heaven don't get married they can't have sex is absurd.

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