9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Anthony Hilder

by TJ Chambers
(Lenexa, KS, USA)

I just watched this video by Anthony Hilder. This is another September 11, 2001 video that needs to be watched.

I just learned about Anthony Hilder because I heard his work on William Cooper's website about the illuminati.

It is important to keep this kind of information infront of us so that we don't get lost by the mass brainwashing called Mass Media.

More and more I have been learning about the attack on Christianity and religion. Look at how many people today can prove that the Bible is false and God isn't real.

It is propaganda that people are falling for and we need to learn how to redeem them.

Important books from this movie.

Ralph Epperson's, "The unseen hand", "The new world Order", "Masonry, Conspiracy Against Christianity, The masonic lodge and a secret agenda".

"Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler" by Antony C Sutton. About the Rise of Hitler and his support by people like Prescott Bush.

"All Fall Down" by Will Thomas, Pilot and Author. He is featured in this film.

This is a book from Anthony Hilder's Illuminati teaching, Israel Cohen's book published in 1913, "A racial program for the 20th Century".

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