EBE stated by Bill Cooper

I read behold a Pale Horse and Mr Coopers lecture on EBE ,and his story of Aliens visiting Holloman AF base ,I have never seen an Alien or UFO but Mr Coopers matter of fact telling of the incidents gives me the impression of that there are aliens here or have visited ,Billy Meiers not wanting fame or money swears that he has met the Plaideans quite a few times his photos are very good and old ...in mr Coopers lecture he doubts matter of factly that the Military have technology 50-100 yrs ahead of the general public I find it hard to believe that without the sources of this new technology ,how did the military achieive this, but in all truth I do believe the govt wants to achieve the NWO really now I suppose that its time and the destruction of religions and depopulation are high on the agenda ....I am thinking that that possibly the mystery schools ancient beginings were of Atlantis and Rama from which the vedas do and I believe truthfully tell of spaceships fighting,are these beings from our ancient past from Atlantis ,rama ,Thule ,Lemuria...dimensional travelers the ones that helped the military ,the inventions of the computers and the internet? ,and all the technology the public sector does have now from just a few intelligent scientists ,reincarnated technology from pre history , ....I do not really believe in Nibiru ,or that the world will be destroyed in 2012 unless by the nwo but I dont think the rapid doubling of our time and technology nor the seemingly impossible astrology of the Maya,the Vedas,the Olmecs,the egyptians,Sumeria were just regular human developement they had to have been given this knowlege by a much higher civilization dimensional or Extra terrestrial there isnt any decent explanation for their rapid knowlege jump from nowhere.......thnks RP

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Jul 21, 2015
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Jun 17, 2015
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Sep 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

they are real like paul..........

Nov 04, 2010
Your Cooper Info Is Wrong
by: TJ Chambers

Before posting your comment, you should have read this page

Are Aliens Real

Bill Cooper said he found out he was lied to and it was all BS. He said it is not alien technology and there is 0 proof there are aliens.

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