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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Do aliens really exist?
August 13, 2008

As I watch the news or search around on, more people want to know do aliens really exist? This topic is certainly growing and there is a lot of speculation about what is really going on.

When it is discussed amongst some Christians, all they can say is...well..They are demons.

It seems that no on really knows....or do they?

I also see people discussing the Nephilim as being offspring of either humans and aliens or humans and demons. Neither is true.

This whole alien thing, well, is a plot. It is to further enslavement of the one world government and to destroy faith in God.

I know that it may seem to be far stretched, or maybe even faith in God is something you don't care about.

You still want to know what is going on either way.

If you want to know how to really understand what is going on with this alien/spiritual being stuff without getting into some crazy nonsense, then you need to check out my 2 pages.

Are Aliens Real or Alien Conspiracy?
Are aliens real or is there an alien conspiracy? Does someone or some people have an alien agenda? Let Bill Cooper answer that for you.

With the help of William Cooper, we rip the truth into the alien topic wide open. You will find a youtube video that is about 50 minutes long. Don't miss it.

Nephilim - The Truth that You Are Not Being Told
There is a lot of buzz about the nephilim. This piece of information exposes the whole thing. You will find that almost everyone that discusses this topic knows nothing about the Bible and distort the nephilim to be something they are not.

After reading these pages, you will be so informed on the topic and will never bow down to the lies again and will be prepared to reject the one world government.

TJ Chambers

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