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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Barack Obama & Wars
November 11, 2008

I hear all the time that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I laugh when I hear this. I wish that he was just a Muslim. It would make things a lot easier on one hand because we would only have to deal with the Islamic religious issues if he was to push them.

Well, Obama is just another puppet controlled by puppet masters. That is a lot worse than him just being a Muslim that will push the Islamic Agenda.

I uploaded 2 very good videos on a new Obama page that really tells about Obama and the coming wars.

Future wars will be with Russia & China & Pakistan. People have been saying that we will attack Iran. Well, we wont from what Webster Tarpley is saying.

Check out this page for these videos on Obama. Very interesting!

Is Barack Obama Muslim?

Lindsey Williams said that the barrel of oil would sink to $50. This was when it was up around $140 a barrel. We are not to far from this goal that they have. Did you hear that program with Lindsey Williams? Make sure you hear it.

Lindsey Williams Update July 28, 2008

If you are interested in the subject of Nephilim and have read my page about them, I have just updated the page with a special comment. It is at the bottom of the page.

Nephilim - The Truth that You Are Not Being Told

TJ Chambers

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