Is the Moon a Flat Disc or a Round Ball

by TJ

One of the things that was mentioned by Jeran last night on the Globebusters show #5 was that the moon is a flat disc, not a round ball.

At first this seems absurd. Of course it is a ball, we can see it!

When looking through a telescope or a camera, it is possible that it is creating a more defined spherical look to it because of the curved lenses.

When I look up, it seems spherical to me with the naked eye. There is an important thing to consider which he noted.

I will get to that below but wanted to point something else out.

People say that the earth is a sphere because the moon, sun, and planets are spheres. So it only makes sense that the earth is one.

One thing we don't see with the moon is a spin rotation. Allegedly the earth rotates on its axis. The moon doesn't?

So we could say, well if the earth spins on its axis, then the moon should?

Maybe we can even dare say, well, the moon doesn't spin on its axis, so neither does the earth?

This kind of logic that is used can be used to prove (not really) different points but really doesn't prove anything.

Here is the thing he said that has me thinking he is probably right. If the moon is a sphere, why is it that everyone in the world all sees the same side. We also never see the bottom. At some point in its position, we should see the bottom of it (at least someone somewhere)?

It is an interesting thought and definitely something to consider.

There are others that say we don't see shadows and shading that we should see on a sphere. There was a light experiment someone did with a ball and flat disc that seemed to disprove this. It may be that shadows on a flat disc doesnt work at all.

One thing to keep in mind is that a flat disc does not mean flat like a piece of cardboard or paper. There are heights and depths and we can clearly see that on the moon.

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Oct 16, 2016
We do see different angles of the moon.
by: Anonymous

But we doooooo see different angles from different positions. Thats a known fact. While its between south america and africa, the part that appears as the top to one side appears as the bottom to the other.

Feb 11, 2016
Seeing the Moon's bottom?
by: Anonymous

How do you expect anyone to see the bottom of an object 238k miles away, no matter where you are on the Earth you will never change your angle of view.

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