Here is proof of flat earth

by BenyFootworn
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Here is flat earth proof. The fact that an observer can see the Chicago skyscrapers 60 miles away across Lake Michigan when the skyline should be hidden behind the curvature of the earth. The Chicago skyline has skyscrapers about 1,400 feet high.

The observer across the lake and the base of Chicago are both at about 600 feet above sea level. According to Earth Curve Calculator an observer across the lake conservatively at 100 feet high will see the horizon about 12 miles away beyond which everything is hidden. Curve Calculator also says a 100 foot high observer can’t see anything beyond the horizon that is less than about 1,400 feet high.

Yet, the Lake Michigan observer at about 60 miles away can see practically all of the about 1,400 foot tall skyscrapers. So the earth is flat because there is not any earth curvature that is supposed to block the view of the skyscrapers. Some have tried to debunk seeing the skyscrapers by attributing this to a super mirage. But, this is false because a super mirage would cause one to see an inverted image of the skyscrapers.

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