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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Is Your Address Formatted Wrong?
January 29, 2009

This may seem like a bizarre question and topic to cover, but you will understand when I am done why it is important.

Are you formatting your address wrong? If you are in the USA, then this is important for you to read.

Normally, your address is like this:

Name Name
123 Main St
City, ST 00000

That is the format for addresses that are domestic to the "United States". It is important for you to understand what the "United States" is, so read this page (its all about the IRS, taxes, and fair tax but explains the "United States"):

This document PB221 tells you how your address should be formatted if you are domestic or foreign. When you read it, it makes you think domestic is "within" the USA and foreign is a country not "within" the USA.

See here:

The thing that you have to understand is the federal code. Domestic to the "United States" (federal government and territories) is Washington DC, Somoa, Virgin Islands, and other land ceded to them by any of the United States (the 50 states of the USA) and any other territories it controls.

Foreign to the "United States" is anything outside of that area. That means, if you live in London, that is foreign. If you live in Kansas, that is foreign. Basically, if you live anywhere "without" (outside of) the territories and land ceded to the "United States" (as described above), then you live in a foreign "country".

What is the proper address formatting if you do not live "within" the "United States"?

See here:

Here is the proper formatting (they say to put everything in caps but at least, the country line has to be in caps and on its own line).

Name Name
123 Main St
City, 00000

Your zip code comes after the city and your "country" is the State you live in, in all Caps.

If you didn't know, each one of the 50 states are set up as their own country that is self sustaining with their own constitution, laws, government, etc.

If you read the page on the fair tax, you should understand that this is important because we need to declare our independence from the federal government that does not have jurisdiction over us. We willingly give it over to them, that is why "its voluntary".

We need to take back our rights but we have to get out of the web that they trapped us in.

One of the threads weaved is the formatting of the address. We declare that we are domestic to the "United States" by formatting it so.

TJ Chambers

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