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SmokeScreenDesign News -- I am Engaged
May 06, 2009

I just wanted to send an email to you and let you know that I'm engaged to be married!

This is an exciting time for me. Lot's going on.

We are planning to get married this yea, so we are really busy.

And of course I'm neck deep on research as I have been letting you know about.

I drafted an affidavit that I am sending to a bunch of people. It is letting them know that I know the Social Security Act Tax is a scam and a fraud upon the people by Congress and the government.

These are the people I am mailing it to just to give you an idea:

Speaker of the House
Kansas Attorney General
U.S. Attorney General
Commissioner of IRS
Kansas State Treasurer
The Federal Reserve Bank
Department of Health and Human Services

That's a nice list, don't you think?

My Affidavit is correcting the errors I made since I was 21 claiming I am a U.S citizen and an Employee. It also is making some heavy charges of fraud.

If they don't refute each and every statement, it creates an estoppel by silence. There are 13+ for them to refute. I would like to see them do it.

I'm going full speed ahead and I'm not stopping.

Oh yea, I ran across a guy on the internet who is doing the same things I am doing, except he has been doing it for the last 20 years. The great thing is that he lives about 10 minutes away from me!

Talk to you soon,

TJ Chambers

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