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SmokeScreenDesign News -- It is ok to use illegal drugs?
January 18, 2008

The other day I was thinking about my times in elementary school (junior high), back in the early 90's. We were forced to take "health class" which discusses sex and drugs.

We were taught about all the contraceptives to use, from how to use them and where to get them. If we needed to, we could go to the nurses office and get them free.

Our health teacher use to be in the military and decided to become a teacher. Not sure why and not saying it had anything to do with it. It just sticks out in my mind.

We had to also learn about illegal drugs.

We watched videos and then she taught us from the material she had. The videos show "stages" people go through when using drugs. These are illegal drugs we are talking about.

They said stage 1 is experimentation. It was clearly told by the video and our teacher that it is ok to experiment with illegal drugs.

Experiment with illegal drugs? I am not addressing the issue whether they should or shouldn't be illegal, just what is and what is being taught.

The schools indoctrinates the children to have sex and use illegal drugs and that it is ok.

Then the police department arrests them as they use drugs. The system is sick, but exactly the way they want it to be. Go to school, spend some time out of school, and go to jail. Some don't get to spend much time out of school, they go straight to jail.

Lets talk a little about the heiarchy.

Eric Phelps says that the Vatican is in direct control of drugs and profits big time. Ever wonder why the poppi fields in the middle East are so important? No poppi fields, 80% of heroin is gone.

We have direct control of this area. Our military goes after anyone that tares down these fields. Why do you think we are always there?

The CIA makes sure that the drugs are transported from the fields, to the streets and that it gets into the hands of people.

I just have to say something to my Christian family. Stop with the "demonic" stuff already. It seems that if Christians can't explain why law enforcement is involved in the drug business or that drugs make it through inspections, that means there is a demonic power doing it.

It is not a demonic power. Then again, the CIA could be equated with demonic power, one of the most evil and corrupted agencies in the world. It is the CIA that makes sure their people are protected.

They approached Mike Ruppert, former LAPD narcotics detective, to help protect their drug runners. Do you think he was the only one? No.

It is a closed system. The schools and media like movies and music tell people from a young age to use drugs. Then the police puts them in jail. In jail these people still use and deal drugs.

The money is taken away from the people through drugs, and then they enslave them behind bars. They ruin people's lives with the addictions and destructive chemicals in them.

Some people enjoy using drugs in the beginning because they are breaking the law and it feels good. What they don't know is that it is a trap and the government programs them to break the law so that they can be pillaged and victimized.

Stop using illegal drugs. It is what the government wants you to do. When you buy them, you actually put more money in big governments pockets.

By the way, major corporations like Banks and computer manufacturers make a lot of money off of drug running. We have to stop this insanity.

Watch this lecture by Mike Ruppert on the Drug Running and lies of 9/11.

TJ Chambers

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