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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Alex Jones, What is his deal?
April 03, 2008

I added some new audios about Alex Jones. I started asking myself, what is his deal? Why is it that when I watch his videos or listen to him, I am afraid for my life and always feel I have to watch my back?

There are a lot of people who feel this way after listening and watching him. I think that there is more to him than what he is telling.

Only the secret societies and mass media use fear mongering tactics, so if he is a patriot, why is he doing the same?

I have come to the conclusion that I can only agree that he is a Jesuit coadjutor.

I added 4 audios that I want you to listen to and consider. Go to

I have been listening to Thomas Richards and Bill cooper. Thomas Richards has a page about Alex Jones, visit - Who is Alex Jones. At first I didn't really get what he was trying to prove.

First, you have to understand the Vatican, the Jesuits and the control of the secret societies, then you will understand what he is saying.

Learn more abou them from Eric Phelps at

Let me know of any information about this that you have. Let's look at Alex Jones with the magnifying glass and see what we come up with.

TJ Chambers

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