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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Help with the IRS
January 09, 2009

If you are in the USA, you know about the IRS. You also probably know that it is an illegal set up that oppresses people to pay taxes that many don't have to.

I came across a guy, Paul A. Mitchell, that has a lot of knowledge about the Federal Code and if you want to get out from their control, this is the guy that can help.

You may have heard of Pete Hendrickson and his book, Cracking the Code. Well, he plagiarized the title of his book from this guys book.

I don't recommend Pete's book or his methods.

Paul's book is The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue.

You want to check out This is website and you can read his book for free.

Read his 31 Q&A about the IRS
Read his book

In my research of the Federal Government and the IRS, so far, Paul A. Mitchell has what you need. I subscribed to his email list group.

TJ Chambers

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