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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Lies That Lead to Iraq
January 23, 2008

I read an article last night that confirms what people like Alex Jones has been saying. The 9/11 Ties to Saddam Husein were all lies. The government then pushed propaganda to the people through the mass media saying how bad of a person he was.

They than talked about how he used biological weapons against Iraqis. So, people leading with their emotions joined the fight to take him out.

Why don't people ask questions anymore? Is Saddam the only person that is so evil? The question is no. There are countries that are more of a threat then he was, so why did we go after him?

These are the kinds of questions we need to ask when we hear and see things. Saddam was an assassin for the United States. We put him in power and we sold him the weapons. That is how we knew he had them.

Then we decided to take him out of power, so we have to come up with these lies so that people will agree.

It is all a scam and a game. The media are the ones that feed all this junk to the American guillible people, and they eat every bit of it.

This article that I read was a study that was done and they found that there were 935 lies in a 2 year period. We went into Iraq on 935 lies.

That should tell you that there is another reason why we went into Iraq, not because of 9/11. How many do you think there are about Iran and Venezuela?

Read the article yourself Study: False Statements Preceded Iraq War

TJ Chambers

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