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SmokeScreenDesign News -- Am I a double Agent?
June 24, 2009

I received an email from an Alex Jones supporter (who also is on this email list but threatens he will remove himself). He is coming to the defense of AJ as one would expect.

The problem is that he is threatening me that if I don't update my pages on AJ, that he will blog that I am a double agent playing both sides of the fence.

If I remember correctly, AJ hates that kind of stuff. He says he wont expose the Vatican because people threaten him that he better do so or else!

Don't believe me, listen to this

Why would a loyal AJ fan do that same thing to me that AJ complains people do to him?

Now he made a comment on one of my pages that my research on the new super highway is shallow. Oh great comment! How does one come up with such great insight?

His problem is that he thinks I am totally wrong about AJ and that videos I have of him aren't correct. Then I have some of AJ's videos on my site. I know they are there somewhere but I don't exactly remember where and I have more important things to do then to go hunt down those pages.

I use to be an AJ fan myself until I started researching him in his defense. Then I found out the truth about him. This is what most AJ defenders wont do.

So, if I don't remove the videos against AJ on my site, then he will remove himself off my list and blog that I am a double agent working both sides of the fence.

If you see this around anywhere, you will know where it is coming from.

TJ Chambers

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