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December 20, 2007

As religious people, Christians are easily duped to vote for someone who they think is a Christian and has Christian values and principles.

Is it a shock that this is just propaganda to make us vote for the person that the CFR & Elite pick for us to vote in. It's all a lie.

We even see Christian leaders jumping in on the game. I am unsure if they are as stupid or if they know what is going on and freely joins the "other side". You see this with Pat Robertson endorsing Guiliani. I have a lot I want to say about that but I am keeping my mouth shut. I can't stand Guiliani.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin knows who the real deal is. This person has values and morals. He is a Christian but you don't see him trying to push his views and ways on everyone else. He says that it is the people that decide. He believes everyone has rights and it is not about the majority that rule.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin Endorses Ron Paul - important message for all Christians.

Anyway, send this video link out to every Christian you know. They need to know which candidate has real Christian Values. I am sure you know this, but Hillary Clinton is not a Christian and does not share in high moral values.

If you hear about her "faith" or religion or that she is a Christian, it is a lie to dupe us all.

TJ Chambers

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